When Will I Ever Get Past the Basics?

Just what are “the basics” that everyone talks about and how long will it take to master them? In answer to the second part of the question it is to be noted that Nuno Oliveria considered a horse to have mastered the basics and to be ready for High School work when he was “light” in all parts of his body at all times during riding. It took up to 15 years for him to “educate” a horse to this level…

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The Circle of Horsemanship

I believe an explanation is in order about the circle of horsemanship schematic which has recently been added to the student section. If not an explanation, per se, then at least what was going through my mind at the time I developed it and why I chose the words I used (although that will become evident with the definitions provided.)

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The Horse – Human Partnership

A basic question which we must answer regarding ourselves and our horses is: What kind of relationship do we want? Do we want a relationship where the horse is a beast of burden made to do our bidding and we are the master and he is the slave? Or, do we want a relationship which brings us together in a partnership?

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