What the Horse Can Teach You

People are attracted to horses for various and sundry reasons: companionship, breeding, financial gain, competition, the feeling of being free when horseback, the feeling of being in control of something, being a part of history, etc. They all look to the horse to provide these things to them and so they embark on a program to teach the horse what is required so that they can attain their goals. It is always about themselves and the conversation between horse and rider is usually a one-way street. Never thinking that the horse is also a living, thinking, creature with its own emotions, feelings, and personality and ways of doing things.

The relationship between the human and the horse is unique in relation to other relationships in that they are both teachers and students at the same time. All you have to do is listen to the horse as well as learn its language to effectively communicate with him. There is an Arabian proverb that states that ‘The horse is God’s gift to mankind’. Those of you who have been granted guardianship of horses would surely agree with this. But have you ever asked yourself why this is so. Just exactly what is the horse’s gift to you.  

From my point of view horses are a gift to mankind for two principal reasons. Firstly, they provide you with a guide path for living an ethical life. Secondly, they allow you to form yourself from within and develop skills, behaviors, and attitudes that will help you succeed in life.  But these things are possible only if you are willing to listen, reflect, and remain open to all efforts the horse makes to communicate with you.

So, just how does the horse help you to lead an ethical lifestyle? The horse gives you an example to follow because it:

          * does not deceive

          * does not contrive or conspire

          * does not gossip or spread rumors

          * does not double-cross

          * does not doublespeak

          * does not hide its emotions

          * does not lie, cheat, or steal (except our hearts)

          * is not a traitor

          * is nonjudgemental

          * is not prejudiced

          * is forgiving

          * accepts things as they are, makes do and carries on

          * is spiritually and emotionally generous

          * is nobility without conceit

          * is a friend without envy

          * is beauty without vanity

          * is a willing partner, but is no slave

And how does the horse help you to improve your character and fine tune your life-skills? He does this by providing you opportunities to develop your:

          * courage

          * humility

          * quickness of judgement

          * self-discipline

          * self-control over our emotions

          * focus

          * your attention span

          * decision-making and problem-solving abilities

          * confidence, leadership, and sense of responsibility

          * communication abilities

          * creative thinking abilities

          * patience

          * tolerance

          * forgiveness

          * understanding

If you work hard and do your best, you can make yourself worthy of the horse and the horse will definitely show its appreciation for your efforts.