1. The FIRST thing you need, if the horse is to be your student, is:
    1. HIS ATTENTION (first, last, and always).
  2. In order to have a long relationship, you must gain the horse’s:
    1. TRUST (meaning, my definition, not being afraid).
    2. It is hard to obtain, easy to lose, and extremely difficult to regain.
  3. To achieve what you desire with the horse you must provide to him:
    1. Clarity of thought and action (FOCUS) presented in a way that the horse can understand.
    2. Followed by support and direction (not punishment).
  4. Detrimental to you achieving your goals with the horse would be:
    1. Not having a good understanding of the horse:
      1. Physically (anatomy and locomotion plus the constant use of his five senses).
      2. He responds to energy, motion, and feel.
      3. Mentally (he lives only in the present, he remembers everything and never forgets anything, he is a social creature (but not too- much]).
      4. Spiritually (he lives his life at a different level than humans).
    2. Not having a detailed plan (both for groundwork and in the saddle) about how to obtain the desired behavior (by setting boundaries and rules) you would like for the horse so that he can live in your world in reasonable comfort with the least amount of stress.
    3. Not incorporating the smallest detail in a logical (to the horse) sequence into the plan and executing it correctly so that you obtain.
      1. Response through understanding.
      2. Not reaction to stimulus with unpleasant consequences.
      3. Not having a TOTAL COMMITMENT to the process.
    4. Not having the will to put forth the needed EFFORT (short-term) or having the STAMINA (long-term, i.e. EFFORT OVER TIME) to continue.
  5. Personal Assessment – Do you have the COURAGE to succeed?
  • C – commitment (to do what it takes to achieve your goals)
  • O – outgoing personality
  • U – understanding (of the task at hand)
  • R – resolve (to overcome difficulties/ challenges)
  • A – attitude (a positive one)
  • G – Genuine love and concern for the horse
  • E – enthusiasm (for the privilege of working with horses and for life in general)